I decided to put together a legitimate reel of clips from some of my more recent work. Check it out below:

Meanwhile I also recently threw together a playlist of all my acting work that’s on YouTube. Some of it’s clips I uploaded myself, some are music videos that were uploaded by fans of the artists, and most recently it’s been my work in Mr. Deity and the Skeptically Pwned channel. I figured I might as well put it all together in one easy-to-access form. Over time I hope to start collecting more of my work and adding to it, but this is a decent start. So I present to you, a sliver of my career on YouTube:

There’s some pretty serious gaps in age between the various groups, as you can see. I just did the Mr. Deity over the last couple of years, Entourage was in 2005 with the work before it over the couple of preceding years, and the music videos were many years before that. While there wasn’t any work to fill in the pre-Deity gap, I’ll start work soon on collecting enough work to fill in the others. Should prove interesting.

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